About Hassan

LEad Photographer / CEO


I left my corporate job, picked up a camera, pursued curiosity, and built the business of my dreams. I couldn't be any happier with my decision. 

Founded in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, in 2011 HMPhotoshoots started off as a passion project. Soon enough, it became a lifestyle. My passion to create memories inspired me pick up a camera and tell my own story. I’ve had a photographer’s eye for weddings, events, food, traveling and fashion. As an artist, my goal is to visualize and produce. I've been fortunate enough to travel the world to capture some of the most remarkable destinations. I've always wanted to leave something beautiful behind; something timeless, something that will touch people forever. For me, my camera allows me to do that. I have built a business that people love and comeback to. Living in New York has allowed us to evolve our brand and capture all the excitement the city has to offer. So far it has been a life changing experience and I look forward to the endless opportunities.